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How To Hack Your Beauty Routine In The Best Possible Way

Beauty. We hear about it on the news, we’re reminded of it every time we look in the mirror. Questions we constantly ask ourselves include: Am I taking care of my skin the best I should be? Is this £241 cream REALLY going to stop me from aging? Do I need to have a 10-step beauty regime that I follow all day, every day?

I don’t know about you, but the average woman does not have the time to follow seventeen individual steps just to ensure her skin stays young, luminous and healthy. But that’s just it - a lot of the time, these lotions and potions that promise to deliver skin softer than your latest teddy bear fleece are an almighty rip-off. Especially once you remember that beautiful skin actually starts from within, and not what you do to it on the outside.

Collagen, for example, is something that all humans already have inside them - but as age and time naturally catches up to us, our collagen storage depletes and skin health becomes a little bit harder to maintain. Saggy skin? Most likely, it’s from a lack of collagen within your natural resources, but there’s ways that you can combat that. For example, taking Beautyhacker’s Collagen Drink uses Peptan collagen peptides to help strengthen skin from the inside, targeting it’s natural elasticity and maintaining of skin hydration, leaving your skin healthier and wrinkle free for longer.

Your diet is also a huge part of your beauty routine. While we’re all well aware that a recommended eight glasses of water (roughly 2litres) will do wonders for your skin, the science really is there to support it. Don’t worry, we hear you: It can be difficult to keep on top of it, as with the water influx can come countless trips to the toilet (which might not always be applicable in your busy routine), but hydration is the ultimate beauty secret to start off your routine the right way.

While we’re not going to sit here and tell you now what you should be eating just to achieve skin health, just by adding additional changes could make the world of difference. Change that chicken salad to a salmon one (or any fish that could contain healthy doses of Omega 3, that stuff is fabulous for your skin), as Zinc from fish can also encourage the production of new skin cells.

So before you go reaching for your credit card to part with your hard-earned money on the latest cream that will promise to transform you, take a little look on how you can make subtle changes to your body without the ridiculous price tag. Beauty is skin-deep, and to really achieve the most from your routine, it’s time to go back to basics and give your skin the nourishment it REALLY needs.