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Brittle Hair And Nails? Don't Worry - We've Got You Covered

There’s no better feeling than when you’re having a good hair day, especially if your nails are on point to match. However, the maintenance can get a little bit tedious if you have nails that break off the second you.

To quote Lizzo, sometimes the best way to feel ‘Good As Hell’ is to toss your hair and check your nails, but it’s not always that simple. How can you toss your hair in the sassiest way ever if it’s so brittle you get a split end just by brushing it? Nails are great, but if you’re someone whose nails have a mind of their own and break on demand, paying to get acrylics can not only be an absolute drain on your funds, but also seriously damage their beds.

So you’re in a vicious cycle, and you wish you could just grow nails long enough to try out that nail polish colour you’ve been hoarding for years - or style your hair without worrying it’ll snap on you. Good news - help is on the way dear.

Lack of collagen production (which happens significantly when as we age) can attribute to those lacklustre locks, but with the right products you can get your hair and nails back to their full-working glory.

Studies have found that after increasing collagen production through the ingestion of supplements, people who suffered with brittle, dull nails saw an immediate increase in their stability - making for healthier, better nails.

As for hair, collagen has been known to increase elasticity, and is also recommended for anyone who wishes to avoid potential hair loss and breakage as they age. Collagen is filled with amino acids, which can be used to promote hair growth and it can also fight damage to hair follicles.

Who knew the answer to great hair and nails was within us all along?