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Hacking The Myth: How Will Extra Collagen Up My Beauty Routine

If you don’t know much about it, then the word ‘collagen’ can sound pretty scary. Some people associate it as something that you ‘inject into your skin’ to get rid of wrinkles. Others believe it’s a cream that you cover your entire face with morning, noon and night in the hopes to combat aging - but what actually IS collagen?

First off, it’s nothing to be scared of at ALL. You have already had tons of collagen produced inside your body, as it’s part of your basic DNA components. Studies have shown that when skin is at its peak health, (when you’re in the younger years of your life) it contains up to 80% collagen, and that’s the reason for that youthful, glowing appearance.

Your body is already a machine, and we know this by the fact that in order to survive at peak condition, you need to have enough food (to fuel you), sleep and water. Just like that, your skin works exactly the same way you do, except that to continue working at the best of its ability, it needs other vitamins and components, but as you age those components struggle to support themselves, and the supplies slowly deplete. In basic words - it’s completely natural.

But the best thing about this, is that thanks to modern technology, you don’t have to watch your healthy skin and youth fade away as time goes on, and you can introduce collagen into your diet through supplements. Why? Well, because it has some pretty great health benefits.

Continuing to support your natural collagen production by introducing supplements (whether that be in drink form, or another way), you can gradually increase the skin’s ability to stay hydrated, elevate its elasticity (reducing the risk of wrinkles) and in some studies it has also been proven to help maintain the integrity of your joint cartilage - meaning less achy bones and more zest in your step!

Taking collagen supplements have also been known to increase health of not just your skin, but also hair and nails. If you’re someone who finds your nails can never grow long enough without one of them breaking, or your hair just feels limp, brittle and lifeless, then a collagen supplement could be exactly what your body needs to feel like it’s ‘working at 100%’ again.

So congratulations, you’ve just hacked the true secret to beauty. Beauty starts from within, and is all about enhancing what you’ve already got. Like a rocket needs fuel to run fast, your skin needs collagen to maintain its youthful appearance.