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Winter Skincare Saviours

The cold weather is not your skin’s best friend, and while we all want our skin to glow brighter than the sun, Winter can sometimes have other plans.

So why does our skin decide to flake and dry up when the temperature drops? According to Debra Jaliman, MD, dermatologist and assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, your body starts to try and hold in as much heat as possible by narrowing the blood vessels - resulting in your outer layer of skin turning dull and dry.

Debra and a few well-known dermatologists spoke to Health about some of the best things you can do to enhance your skincare routine, and it’s actually pretty simple. You’ll be back to your usual glow in no time!

Try Not To Dry Out Your Skin While Cleansing It 
Essential oils are important, even MORE so in Winter, as it can help rebalance the natural oils your skin makes on a daily basis. Micellar water has also been recommended to help remove makeup and for general cleansing, as it still hydrates the skin while keeping it clean, and can help combat dryness.

Moisturise Your Skin With Sheet Masks 
Sheet masks are a guaranteed way to give your skin (especially on your face) a bit of TLC. Shea butter will go a long way in ensuring your skin stays glowy, hydrated and feeling fabulous.

Moisturising Creams Are A MUST!
While working on your skin from the outside isn’t the ONLY way you can keep it healthier and happier, using a moisturising cream two times a day can definitely help give your skin the extra boost it needs in cold winter months. You’ll get even more of a bonus if your cream contains hyaluronic acid - which enhances skin plumpness.

Up Your Water Intake! 
You are basically 85% water, and so if you’re skipping out on those recommended two litres of water a day, you’re starving your skin of its core ingredient. Get yourself an app that reminds you to drink a glass of water if you’re prone to forgetting, but hydration is the number one tool to help your skin survive the cold weather.

Simple tips and tricks that will only take a small amount of your day up for weeks of healthy skin!