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Why Your Man Should Be Joining In On The Collagen Craze

There’s a common misconception that taking collagen-producing supplements should be for women only, but that couldn’t be further than the truth.

Collagen is produced in both men and women from the minute they are born, and only naturally depletes as we age. As we enter 2020, it is more imperative that men understand that healthier and happier skin isn’t just for women, and that there is nothing wrong with wanting to do best for your body.

It’s a known fact that there is a stigma around hair-thinning, especially in men. While you should always be happy in the skin that you’re in, you can’t help how you feel about certain aspects of your body. If you’re someone who is concerned with hair-loss and balding, then you should definitely consider the introduction of collagen supplements into your daily routine.

As collagen declines through age, it begins to stop supporting suppleness and strength of the hair. While not all thinning is easy to combat (genetics can be very strong in some people), there’s never any harm in supporting what you still have while you’ve got it. Collagen peptides have been known to work hand-in-hand with your body’s natural storage as a preventative.

Collagen has also been known to encourage joint growth, which is essential for any man who is on the go everyday. If you’re active, and you want to slow down the aging process to allow you to enjoy fitness, sports and general activities, then increasing your collagen intake is also essential.

Men, you have a right to enjoy your health for as long as possible. Collagen supplements are no longer a ‘women’s best kept secret’, it’s time for you to turn back the clock too.